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Internal Audit Senior Specialist

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Job Description

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Do you embrace your love and passion for the following activities?

  • Analyze registered risks to prioritize them and create an efficient internal audit plan to enhance company operations.
  • Develop and analyze audit processes and data processing methods to improve audit effectiveness.
  • Plan and conduct awareness programs on fraud and internal audits for stakeholders.
  • Maintain good relationships with internal and external parties for smooth operations.
  • Inspect and analyze company operations to identify risks and irregularities or fraud.
  • Create reports and suggest corrective and preventive actions to minimize the impact of risks using a risk-based internal audit approach.
  • Ensure administrative requirements for audit operations are met to maintain operational excellence.

Does it match your criteria?

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Management, or Industrial Engineering.
  • 3-4 years of experience in Internal Audit, with FMCG audit experience as a bonus.
  • Strong knowledge of Internal Audit, and having a Certified Internal Auditor certification is a plus.
  • Skills in Project Management, Data Analysis, Risk Management, and Business Process Management.

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