CBI Credit Bureau Indonesia

Financial Technology

Company Overview

PT Kredit Biro Indonesia Jaya (KBIJ), is established in 2014, and obtained a business license to operate as a private credit bureau (Lembaga Pengelola Informasi Perkreditan, LPIP) from Financial Services Authority (Otoritas Jasa Keuangan, OJK) in 2015.

In November 2021, after obtaining approval from OJK, KBIJ received additional capital from new shareholders and also a new management team is appointed.

The acceleration of digital financial services in Indonesia goes faster than ever and the expansion of financial inclusion among consumers and unbanked and underbanked businesses continues to be a major national agenda.

With the expertise, experience, and deep network of its new senior management team in this area, KBIJ will expand the reach and depth of its credit reporting and information services with the ultimate goal of providing trusted and reliable credit ratings and information to our various business partners.

With the new management team and in line with its vision and mission, in July 2022, KBIJ transformed into a new identity, i.e. CBI (Credit Bureau Indonesia), which aiming to provide new and leading-edge services and products. This new identity will also strengthen KBIJ’s position as the “best-in-class, modern and innovative” credit bureau in Indonesia.

As a modern credit bureau, KBIJ provides the best products and services in the form of data credit information that is thoroughly designed, customizable, real-time, with a precise and high-accuracy level of analysis to support its members in executing business strategies, increasing company efficiency and productivity, and testing creditor credit risks.

Our Unique Culture

CBI is supported by the latest IT system and infrastructure, and in-house built core applications. The application architecture adopts modern applications based on microservices and intensive use of artificial intelligence technology. To enrich is scope of data, CBI has partnerships with various credible alternative data sources.

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