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Seen.Asia is dedicated to revolutionizing the way people search for careers and find the right Talent with efficient and time-saving

recruitment solutions.

Our Vision


Revolutionize recruitment process with precise matching, advanced technology and professional connection for candidate & corporate solution

Our Mission


To be the premier one-stop career and recruitment solution, matching most suitable candidate to corporate

About Seen.Asia

We understand the pain of endless and seemingly futile job search of candidates as their CV may not even be one of those read by the hiring manager. Wasting precious time in the process, owing it all to tough luck. We are also the people who feel the agony of HR having to comb through hundreds of CVs only to find unmatched skills or experience. Even worse, spending big budgets engaging the assistance of consultant companies which often find themselves to be lacking of sufficient database for best-in-class comparison. The entire process now could have been done quicker and way cheaper at Seen.Asia

Seen.Asia is here to find that needle in the haystack for both sides. All candidates' CV will be screened thoroughly, ensuring we do not miss that golden skill set and matching experience every HR and users so far could have only dreamed of. Founded by a team of people that experience and understand the pain of recruitment, Seen.Asia revolutionize one of the oldest and highest survival rate technology business - Employment. Combined with experienced Talent Agents for second level screening, employment industry will never be the same again, as we engage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure the finest quality of talent pool is provided to corporates. AI should never have to replace people. It is now up to us to utilize it to empower humanity.

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