Share your vision with a child

Do you know that the number of children with nearsightedness or myopia continues to increase?
In fact, according to Clearly data, it is likely that more than 500 million school-age children in the world will suffer nearsightedness by 2050. And our country, Indonesia, is predicted to experience an increase in myopia cases by 17.5%.What’s more, 2013 Indonesian Basic Health Research from the Ministry of Health revealed that about 10 percent of the 66 million children aged 5-19 years old experience eye problems due to refractive disorders, and 90% of these cases are suffered by people from low-income families.

With our social campaign, SHARE YOUR VISION WITH A CHILD, we are committed to supporting children in need of prescription glasses in rural areas in Indonesia. Buy 1, Give 1. For every purchase of SEEN eyewear, another pair will be given to a child in need.
So, while adding new glasses to your collection, you can help others too! Buy yours now at SEEN Transpark Mall Bintaro and Transmart Carrefour Central Park Mall.